Friday, November 23, 2012


Happy Holiday Season!!
I love this time of year.  Food, family, fun, friends and a lot of opportunities to be a good person.
Opportunities to serve our brothers and sisters here on earth.
Today, after braving the shopping centers, I was grumpy and hating on the other human beings that live on this planet. I was appalled by the actions of some people and the greediness that I saw.  I'm all for a good deal, but sometimes things don't matter.
But, people always matter. 

Then, while at Cafe Rio, a man brought me a shoe key ring.
I smiled and said thank you.
He just continued walking around handing everyone at the tables a key ring similar to the one he gave me.  I read the paper that was attached.
I looked around to see how others were reacting to this strange gift.

One man just pushed it the edge of his table.  Another lady scoffed at the idea of selling these "awful" things.

But, one of my fellow diners, pulled $40 out of his wallet and set it on top of the key chain.
I looked in my wallet and pulled out my donation.

The man who had given out the key chains came back around to collect them or the money.  I watched as nearly everyone handed back the key chain.
All these people who had undoubtedly just spend hundreds of dollars on other things, handed back the key chain instead of $3.

As I handed the man my small donation, he signed thank you and went to the man who handed him the $40.

The man searched through his pockets to find some change to give him.  The man who made the donation just smiled and patted his hands while mouthing, "keep it".  The man signed thank you and smiled a very large smile.

This experience got me thinking.  I usually turn down opportunities to give.
I say no pretty much every time a cashier asks me to donate money to charity.

My goal this holiday season is to focus on giving.
Focus on people, and what I can give to them.

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