Friday, August 26, 2011


Ya see I've been homeless for the last ten what does one do whilst being homeless???  Oh they go live with their parents. :)

It's been a wild ride for me these last ten days of ya know sleeping....watching tv....doing the dishes...taking web cam photos....watching more tv....etc etc.

Oh the excitement.
But tomorrow I'm going back to the good ol' University life.  And I'm sure once classes start going again, I'll be dreamin of these homeless days :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

dear boys....

This is going to be my first linky party post! Holla! I feel legit. :)

Dear goofy,
you confuse me.
love, Amy

Dear missionary,
sorry I suck at writing you letters....
Love, Amy

Dear first love,
do you think we will ever go back to the way things were in 3rd grade??? I would be ok with that....
love, Amy

Dear boy I swore I'd never be interested in,
I kinda am....shhhhhh
Love, Amy

Dear basketball,
If I could only stop dreaming about you maybe I could forget about you....
love, Amy

Dear boys,
when are you going to realize how AWESOME I am.
Love, Amy

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Golly what a day....

It's only 9:55, but I feel inclined {to censure?}to write about my day lus far.
I should have gone running. But didn't.
I should be moving out. But I'm not.
I should be out of bed. But I don't wanna be.

Instead, I've been watching pointless youtube videos and enjoying my breakfast of German Chocolate Cake Ice Cream.  

Livin the life.

Here's a few favorites from my Youtube extravaganza.....

Remember this gem..... love it.

I used to love growing pains.  I think I still could marry Mike Seaver.

Well now I'm going to get off my rear and do something with my day.  Wish me luck....

Friday, August 12, 2011


Today is my dad's birthday!!! I love this man soooo much!
Here are a few (49) reasons why........

1. He LOVES baseball and has brought that love to our whole family
2. He used to be a coach for high school baseball and high school womens basketball
3. He used to pay us a penny or nickle for every rock we picked up in the back yard
4. He tests his speedometer when he passes those speed telling machines
5. Does cool smiley faces when he texts ---B)

6. Hates cabbage 
7. and Ranch dressing
9. and always has people laughing no matter where he goes
10.  He gets really tan 
11. Sometimes thinks 2+2=5 because it's "simple math"
12. Can't make three fingers by holding up the three middle fingers
13. loves to golf
14. Sings really good---you can always hear him during Sacrament meeting.
15. Plays the guitar
16. I would always request "You are my Sunshine"
17. Has a lot of college degrees...but teaches seminary because it's what he loves
18. He knows the scriptures better than anyone I know
19.  He is currently a bishop
20.  He has always tried soo hard to fulfill his callings
21. Is a professional at Angry Birds
22. Loves children
23. Especially his own :)
24. He has ALWAYS provided us with everything we need
25. He loves my mom
26. He shows her so much respect

27. Taught me many life lessons
28. Like: "focus and finish"
29. and "the more control you have from within the less you need from without"
30. He has a tender heart and isn't afraid to get weepy :)
31. Is very patriotic
32. Loves Bare Naked Ladies....(The Band) hahaha
33. I used to think he was one of the Three Nephites
34. Loves his Ipad

35. Served a faithful mission to Paraguay
36. Holds and Honors the Priesthood
37. Has some swag....especially when he says "word"

38. Hates when we leave the cupboard doors open in the kitchen
39.  And when we don't refill the water jug.
40. Loves watching Boy Meets World! :) :) 

41. He has cute big ears.
42. Once grew a mustache but no one could tell because it was blonde.
43. Only has brothers
44. SO he gets pretty squeemish when we talk about "girl things"

45. Likes to paint ceramics
46. He laughs so hard he cries....sometimes at his own jokes :) 
47. He likes to read
48. And press our pressure points while we squirm.

And the quality I love most about my dad...
49. He is ALWAYS making sacrifices for others.  
I have learned so much from this man about what it means to be truly SELF-LESS.
I love you daddy!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Our favorite game!

That's right! It's another round of my  your favorite game...CELL PHONE PHOTOS!
 On one of my treks back up to L-town, I ate a tootsie pop...How many licks does it take to get to the center?? I lost count. However it took me from Spanish Fork to Lehi to get to this point when all the candy was off of the tootsie center. 
Piece of lint shaped like Mickey Mouse :) 

The directions to the TRAX center in Sandy.  If I had a smart phone, I could have just accessed it that way but instead I had to do it the "old fashion" way....look them up on my dads i-pad and then take a picture of them with my phone.  

Bee's game!

 Hey! remember that time I was going to the Bee's game and Brittnay and Dillon just so happened to be going to the same game? That was fun. :) 

The day the post office parking lot was practically flooded.

I really like to write my name.  Especially out of a straw wrapper. 

Fireworks at the Bee's game. 

 Leillah my cute wittle cousin! :) 
 I went to this restaurant once (The name escapes me at the moment) And they had crazy ideas of decorating.  This lovely bra was framed and hanging on the wall in the women's restroom. 

Leillah again

Sweet picture I was going to get my dad for his day of birth

Pat coloring angry birds.  He loves that game! 

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Monday, August 01, 2011

Like the old days

I spent the weekend with my besties just like we did in the old days! :)
Oh what did we do.....
 Took pictures with our faces smooshed together

 Brittnay took lovely self portraits

 And we took pictures while I drove

 And we of course ate at Red Robin (YUMMMM) 

But mostly we just had a GREAT time!
Just like the old days!