Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This is one of those posts
ya know the ones
the ones where by thoughts vomit on the computer
and you read them
and you're like
Amy's weird.

Yup it's one of those.

So I just discovered this blog...ok not really JUST, but like a while ago and then I spent my whole 8 hour workday reading the posts and dying of laughter.
Then I was too ashamed to push follow because I'm weird about that.  It takes me awhile to commit to following a blog written by someone I don't actually KNOW because it makes me feel like a creeper.

Then low and behold, today we were reunited and once again, I spent most of my 8 hour work day catching up on the posts I've missed since our last encounter.  So then I decided I should just man up and click follow. So now I'm following it so I can laugh everyday instead of for 8 hours.

 Butttt here's my issue.  It's happened before that I come across a blog that I'm lovin, then I overcome my fear and push follow, then they stop posting awesome things and I'm like WTsmell? why am I following this blog? Has that ever happened to you? {maybe perhaps with this blog? :( I hope not!}  Phew. It's an issue.

Also, I'm in love. I don't mean highschool I love you I love you too, I mean I am in love and I want to be. There's nobody else in the world for me, and there never will be, I'm taken.

by a coldstone creation. It's called: "The way I roll" and it has my heart.   Seriously though. think about it....cake batter meets pecans, meets cookie dough, meets cinnamon. BOMB.  It's all I think about.  Mmmmmm Yummmmm.  okay. this needs to stop. I'm going crazy.

Also, can we just talk about Boy Meets World again for a minute.  I know, I know-- I'm annoying.  But here's the thing, this episode is FUN-NY. This is the episode when Cory and Shawn set up a Bed and Breakfast in Mr. Feeny's house.

Then they realized that they have to give the people breakfast.
 I seriously love it.

Also, I discovered this website that lets you cut portions of a youtube video. It's legit. It's called TubeChop and I think it's the bees knees. 

Also, I'm moving today.  Yikes.  I'm pretty excited yet scared out of my britches at the same time.

By the way, who gave time permission to go by so stinkin fast!?! seriously how is it already the middle of August???? Crazy.

ok, ok last thing.

kills me!

Ok actually just joking THIS is for real the last thing.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

have a nice trip.

this trippin blogpost is soooo overdue.  I started it on time like 2 days after we returned, but then ya know real life got in the way, and It has yet to be finished.  Sooooo hopefully today I will be posting it. We'll see.

so last month (raise your hand if you think it's trippy that it's the MIDDLE of AUGUST already...whew) anyway. my family and I took a joyful road trip to the big A to the Z area code 480.  It was vonderful.

first stop....rainstrom.
this was a freak rainstorm.  Literally. God dumped the whole pacific ocean from the sky in two minutes and then it was done. 

Sin Citay. 
We stopped to watch the fountains and then went to the gardens in the Bellagio.  If you get a chance, go. It's pretty cool.
We stayed at Sam's Town and had wonderful pina colada's while we watched the light show

The next day, we headed out of Vegas.  We stopped to see the temple because we love to...

And I bought a house...nbd ;)
You're all invited to visit the day after I win the lottery.... 

Onward we went to good ol' Mesa
When we got there we went to Sweet Tomatoes {no pictures because I was busy...stuffing my face with the best food eva} 
Then we went to see the building of the Gilbert Temple.  

Love it.
Next day...POOL TIME
And Baseball time!

Randomly at the game, I found my future husband and child.  It was very convenient.

Just doin his thing ...playing 1st base...being sexy

And my/our future child. 
I have yet to talk it over with the hubs because he doesn't even really know we are married yet. 
details. details.
the picture doesn't even do him justice.  he's ADORABLE and a baller. love it.

Friday, we went to the natural bridge in Payson, AZ.  
the gift shop was pretty legit. Ghetto, yet legit.

Now here's the thing.  The first hike we decided to go on was to see a waterfall. I guess I had a distorted image as to what a waterfall actually was.  So let me look it up.....


A cascade of water falling from a height, formed when a river or stream flows over a precipice or steep incline.     

So I was expecting a cascade. ya know....a large gushing wall of water. 
here's what we saw....

 see it?? no? ok close one eye and tilt your head to the left....
now do you see it?
drip. drip. drop. little april shower. 

So that was a wee bit of a disappointment.

The natural bridge, as I understand it, is completely naturally made by erosion from wind and water...
(do I sound like a 3rd grade teacher...cuz I'm gonna be one.  just practicing :))  
looking down from the top. looks pretty cool.
So you see those itty bitty people down in there? here let me zoom it in for you....

That's where we decided to go. 
Way down there. 
So anyway, we headed down the trail to see the bridge from below. 
the trail ended here.
then we thought it would be a brilliant idea to climb all the huge slippery rocks and walk under the bridge. 
and I only got stuck twice. 
pretty good.
So I really can't describe to y'all how intense this was climbing over all these boulders floating on water. 
I can only imagine what it would have been like if I was overweight and had awful balance...
oh wait....

But it was real cool, and I got real sweaty. 

Then we went for pizza! 
pizza has never tasted so good. 

Then we went to the pool. and I got fried like a pickle...
side note...what is with fried pickles
I've seen like 25 posts on blogs, instagram etc
about fried pickles
I'm thinking I must try these delectables...
now back on track.
That weekend, the OLYMPICS began. So the rest of the trip was pretty much spend in front of the TV listening to my grandma, who apparently coaches every Olympic athlete, cheer on her trainees. 

The last day, we partook of theeee best snowcones known to man on the planet earth at Bahama Bucks.

 Then we roadtripped it back to Utah. 
Sooo much fun was had. :)

Monday, August 06, 2012

dress up

guys, my bfffl {best friend for freakin life}is getting married.  In one month. Yikes.
I'm also starting my first official grown-up teaching job in 2 weeks. Double Yikes.

Just yesterday, I was perrusing through my wardrobe choices.  Some clothes I've had since JR. HIGH.  The shirt I'm wearing today in fact, is from the 11th grade. Oi.

So alas, I need to vamp up my wardrobe.  Not only do I need a drop. dead sexy. dress for the weddin, I also need something comfy and practical for teaching

Which is why I really really want to win this giveaway over at Elise'sPieces. :) and I would get this dress...

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

pockets. colored. zipper in the front??.
It's a winner. 

Saturday, August 04, 2012


I miss buying milk on Wednesdays
I miss Main street traffic
I miss twizzle berry.
I miss cursing at the stupid 4 way stop on 10th
I miss saying things like turn right on 5th or head up 10th
I miss Fredricos
I miss the  3 dollah theater
I miss only having one radio station to listen too
I miss drivers like this

I just miss Logan.

Buttttttt never fear, I will be making my grand return debut in t-minus 2 weeks!

Can't wait.

Friday, August 03, 2012

let's talk about....

pop music.
I'm having a love affair...

     af·fair: a romantic or passionate attachment typically of limited duration

With singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles.
like major girl crush up in here. 
as in I feel bad for the other cd's in my car and tracks on my cellphone because they are getting neglected.  
it's the sara b channel all day everyday.

 She is a master lyric-tician. 
              and she's the only master lyric-tician because I just made that up
She speaks to me

but she has a fault, she doesn't make enough music videos.  Like she has better things to do like serve in Japan and give concerts to support needy children. 
               cum-mon sara---priorities

So, I'm going to post some lyric videos.  I hate lyric videos.  Like with a passion, but, my passionate attachment  to Sara is stronger, so I'm going to post a few. 

"i never wanted anything so much
then to drown in your love
and not feel your rain"

"too late two choices
to stay or to leave
mine was so easy to uncover
he already left with the other
so i learned to listen through silence"

I'm telling you people...she's amazin'



you suck at blogging!

Yes, yes I do.
It has been one month since I last blogged.
One. Month.
face palm

My bad


i'm back

i'm excited


i'm ready to rock your world