Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So You Think You Can.


I love dancing.  I thought about why I am so attached do this show and I think I've figured it out.
I love music.  Always have probably always will.  I love hearing others play music and I love (and miss) hearing myself play music.  I love the way you can express such raw feelings.  Recently through the show So You Think You can Dance, I've realized that I also love the self expression of dance.  I can't do it, but I love watching others do it.

Anyway... So for my lil sisters birthday, we got tickets to the SYTYCD tour in SLC!!!!  Thursday Nov 4th was the day...seriously one of the coolest events I've seen.  There is just something about seeing them on stage that I literally almost cried a few times.  (yeah I'm not ashamed!) anyway it was a night I will always remember.  So fun!



Kent and Robert
All That Jazz

Such a good dance
The Best!!! Winner and runner up

Saturday, November 06, 2010


(Don't worry the post about the best event of my life this far is comin..)

So I've been thinking A) I wish blogger would automatically capitalize the letter "i" when you type it like microsoft word does...I mean really.  2) I need a safe house.

No but really think about. I want to make a secret escape house that no body knows about... here's what it would have in it.
1. A piano.  Yes I wish so badly I had a full piano somewhere secret that I could just go play and not worry about who was listening.  I haven't played in a long time and as geeky as it is...I miss it.
2. A bed and a good book.  I don't really like to read but I often enjoy a good book.  If I had somewhere I could go and just be alone for however long I wanted, I would read.
3. My own private beach where the sun is always in a beautiful sunset.
4. My Ipod.  Equipped with every song I've ever loved.

In this secret house, time would be irrelevant.  In fact I think that it would have to stop completely.  I could just go in and come then when I was ready to get back to real life I'd come out and it there would still be all the time in the day there was before.

If only.......

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Fa Reals??

Tonight I will be attending this.

Where I will see him.

And we will most likely get married....just sayin :)

Monday, November 01, 2010

Aweeesoomme Fall Weekend

I'm loving fall and I had a great weekend!!! Life is good! 

{Me and Regi at the Howl}

{Friends at Work}
{Shea, Sarah, Me, Reg at the Howl}

{Sceered at the Corn Maze}

 {I may or may not have biffed it major at the corn maze.  And I may or may not still be sore from it!}

{I love these people SO MUCH}
{Thanks to those who I "borrowed" pictures off of facebook from :)}