Saturday, November 06, 2010


(Don't worry the post about the best event of my life this far is comin..)

So I've been thinking A) I wish blogger would automatically capitalize the letter "i" when you type it like microsoft word does...I mean really.  2) I need a safe house.

No but really think about. I want to make a secret escape house that no body knows about... here's what it would have in it.
1. A piano.  Yes I wish so badly I had a full piano somewhere secret that I could just go play and not worry about who was listening.  I haven't played in a long time and as geeky as it is...I miss it.
2. A bed and a good book.  I don't really like to read but I often enjoy a good book.  If I had somewhere I could go and just be alone for however long I wanted, I would read.
3. My own private beach where the sun is always in a beautiful sunset.
4. My Ipod.  Equipped with every song I've ever loved.

In this secret house, time would be irrelevant.  In fact I think that it would have to stop completely.  I could just go in and come then when I was ready to get back to real life I'd come out and it there would still be all the time in the day there was before.

If only.......

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