Saturday, October 23, 2010


My favorite :) On Oct. 12th I went to an AMAZING concert at I was thinking of all the concerts I've been to so in honor of record keeping here is a concert journey of my life....

1. Clay Aiken.  Yes, the first concert I ever went to was the Clay Aiken christmas special in SLC. I'm not ashamed to admit I was an avid Clay Aiken fan.

2. Jesse McCartney.  In 8th grade. (or 9th) We got tickets for Brits birthday and we basically thought we were bomb. We sat on the 6th row and he was sooo hot.  Except he was sweaty and had acne....but still

3. Second Hand Serenade. Good times.  I througally enjoyed this show.

{Also, I was introduced to this hottie--Allred}
4. Boys Like Girls. Good Charollette. Metro Station.  This concert was pretty awesome!! My first experience with moshing.  Don't really like it. But love Boys Like Girls.

5. Dashboard Confessional.  This concert was free. And awesome.
and now the BEST one.....

6. Auburn. IYAZ. B.O.B. and JASON DERULO! It was so fun! Seriously amazing.  The energy was high
and it was just so fun!!

It was so fun and I'm so glad I went! :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So I don't have a lot of time to blog but quite frankly this is just something so incredible I'm going to hurry and write it.
I got my piano test back today.  This test was on the best and the worst of piano books for the big composers and who edited them etc, etc.
So I got a 16 1/2......

out of 50!


Saturday, October 09, 2010

Most likely the funniest commercial...ever

Tag and Jamba

It's a shame I didn't get more into tag when I was younger because now I LOVE IT!
For real there is just something about the game that takes all my cares and worries away.  As I'm running on the playground chasing the kids at school as they scream and giggle, I just am seriously so happy..... I forget about my huge stomach, my messy apartment, my loneliness, my finances, my terrible skin, my school work, my future, etc etc etc.  It all disappears. Same thing happens when I watch Boy Meets World.  It's amazing and I love it.

Also, I've discovered something that may change my life forever........are you ready for this


That's right Jamba makes a sour patch kid smoothie...sounds's's the BOMB.  It's on the secret menu so you have to ask for it specifically but it is sooooo goood....I love it.  Also if you go in Logan between 5 and 7 you get a huge one for the price of a regular. Pretty amazing!