Monday, February 28, 2011


Day 19=A talent.
Obviously I have obvious talents..I can play the piano, I can well I feel like that's about it.  However, I feel this is a time for people to get to know random "deep dark secrets"  So here is my talent  deep dark secret...

Penguin Sculpting....
AWESOME! I know.
This was a few years ago, but I bet I'm still just as amazing at it.

I'm also pretty good at blowing bubbles...
Just sayin =)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Something pretty awesome..

So my friend introduced to me to the last thing I need...a time waster. But it's COOL.  It's called STUMBLE UPON.  It's a website where you can set up an account and tell them your interests and then you click the "stumble" button and it introduces you to a whole bunch of sites.  That was a terrible description. Go check it out... but here's the best part.  Today I stumbled upon this beauty...
 Create your own chocolate! Please... that's AMAZING.  As I was strolling through the options of what you can put in your chocolate bar I almost died when I saw that you can put sour patch kids into your chocolate! WHAT!?!? I know right it's legit.  Add this to the list of things to buy when I win the lottery.  Just so you know my spkcb (sour patch kid chocolate bar) would cost $4.70 plus shipping.  A little pricey for candy buuuuut still it's pretty awesome!!!

I'd Die...


~The Gospel of Jesus Christ~

~Sour. Sweet. Love em.~

~The kids at school.  I love them and their cute notes they give me.~

~Obviously I wouldn't be alive without my family, but I would currently "die" without them~
~My Straightener. I seriously would die without this thing. Before this marvelous invention, my hair looked like this...

Needless to say I'm thankful for my straightener. :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Day 17=An Art Piece.

wha??? I don't understand. Like an art piece I have created? Or like Van Gough? This challenge thing is confusing sometimes.  SOoo I'm going to talk about an "art experience".
Last summer I went back East with my cousin, brother, and mom.  While we were in Philadelphia, we went to this huge art museum

We saw A TON of art pieces and even made some of our own.  What a great day. =)

The "modern art" section was so weird.  None of us really understood what it was all about.  So this is Dallins version of "modern art".  =)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Change it up

Today's blogger challenge is a song that makes me cry.  I feel like I already talked enough about songs on Day 1...and I can't think of a song that makes me today I'm giving you what was missed a few days ago...A GUILTY PLEASURE.

I really can't think of one because I don't feel guilty about really anything weird that I do because I just do what I do....but I've tried to come up with a few.

#1 I watch the Kardashians.  Or you could say I "keep up" with them.
#2 Sometimes when I'm driving I drive on the wrong side of the road...or enter through the exit...just to show that I can't be controlled.
#3 I've eaten a whole bag of sour patch kids...and didn't even care
#4 I spend money like I have it...even though I don't.  I just like to feel like I do.
#5 I love the Biebs
#6 and My final pleasure that I guess I should feel a little guilty about is this man...

If I ever get the chance to kiss him...I won't pass it up.  Even if I'm married.  Nuff Said.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

20 things you should know..

Day 15=a random fact about me for every day I've been alive...that's 20 folks.

  1. I've never broken a bone or been in the hospital
  2. I've never been in love
  3. My favorite animal is the red panda
  4. I love to people watch
  5. I HATE HATE HATE (did I mention I HATE) Tuna fish
  6. I grew up in Payson
  7. I've had the same best friend since 4th grade
  8. I used to teach piano lessons
  9. At one point in  my life I dreamed of going to Harvard law school
  10. I have naturally curly hair
  11. I love tropical things...the beach, pina coladas, palm trees, men with nice abs, etc, etc
  12. I love wearing eye makeup
  13. I love funny movies
  14. I like to eat out 
  15. I love baseball 
  16. I love to play volleyball
  17. I really like shoes
  18. Someday I want to go to Europe and Austrailia and New Zealand
  19. I can't wait to be a teacher
  20. My birthday is the shortest, coldest day of the year...and the world may or may not end on my 22nd birthday

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 14

I would like to take a trip here please.  Thanks :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just give me a sec

So today's blogger challenge is a guilty pleasure.  But I don't want to do that one so I'm changing it.  It's my blog so I can do that. so there.  anyway today for the blog challenge, I'm going to take a chance...

to blog about my AWESOME little brother...
Cam is a senior this year and playing his last year of basketball.  Tonight is his last home game and I'm HEART BROKEN that I won't be there to see it.  I've seen this kid through Jr. Jazz, accellerated league and into high school.  It's hard for me accepting the fact that this chapter of our lives is almost over. I was lucky and able to make it down for his game on Friday to see Payson beat Springville ( who was undefeated until this game).  It was a great game and I just love my little brother so much.  I took some pictures with my cell phone at the game on friday.  I know I have a great camera and should never have to resort to phone photos but it happens aight.  So here he is.  don't be jealous.

to see some good pictures not from a cellphone try going here..

Monday, February 21, 2011

I Can Hear the Bells

Day 12=Dream Wedding
Since my wedding will not be happening for uh quite awhile this may seem pointless but I just like most girls have thought about this a time or two.  Sometimes I wish that I was one of those girls who has the big day completely planned by the time she's 12, but I'm not.  Here's what I know..

~I will be in love with the man I marry.  He will make me want to be a better person.  He will have a strong testimony of the gospel and love the Lord more than he loves me.  And he will be funny. duh.
~My colors will be fuchsia and black.
~I will have Gerber daises
~My wedding will happen in one of these places and it will last forever!

Salt Lake Mormon Temple

Oquirrh Mountain Utah Mormon Temple
Or maybe here...who knows haha

~and my reception will be off the hook. just sayin :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Grandpa

Day 11=A person I admire

My Grandpa is my hero.
He's everything I hope my husband is someday.
His testimony of the gospel is what helped me develop mine.
I've learned everything I know about hard work from him.
He's taught me how to love and how to forgive.
I love hearing him say "Why do I love you so much?"
He snores like a champ.
Still studies the gospel very diligently.
I could really use one of his hugs right now.

One day my first month of college, I was really having a hard time.  I had called my mom crying one day and just couldn't find any comfort.  Then I checked my e-mail and I had a message from him with the subject "Grandpa's Girl" I started bawling and through tear filled eyes read this inspired e-mail.  Just to share a part of it...

Drop me a note when you get a minute and remember, the world is going to evaluate you in terms of 3 numbers and a decimal point so study hard.  And, as you know, the Lord’s kingdom is a whole different story.

Remember your Grandpa loves you and if anyone gives you a hard time, tell them to knock it off or your Grandpa will come up there.  That should really scare them huh.

I love this man more than he will ever know and I am so thankful for everything he has done for me and my family.  He is my hero.  Love you Grandpa  :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Like a pregnant lady

I crave..
Chicken Bacon Artichoke Pizza from Papa Murpheys
Fresh Pineapple
and of course a big cup of D-P (dr. pepper)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 9

Two photos I took in San Diego
What I wouldn't give to go there right now....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

numero ocho

Day 8= A website.
I would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to my awesome friend/co-worker.  Read her blog.  She's pretty awesome =)

The Hundred

Happy Thursday =)
Tomorrows Friday, but my weekend starts today....go ahead be jealous!!

Also today is my parents anniversary :) They have been married for I think 27 years.  Way to go guys--Keep up the good work :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 7

Day 7. One week of this blogger challenge.  It's been fun but sometimes boring.  Yes, I realize that these posts aren't exactly the bomb, but I like thinking about these things and really looking inside myself...
For today we all get to look at the outside of myself...a picture of me taken recently...
 yes this was like a month ago but I think it's funny =) 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Step at a Time

That's the name of my blog.  I don't know why, it just is.  When I started this blog, I seriously sat there for maybe like an hour or so trying to come up with a name for this darn thing.  Somehow I landed on this name.  The song by Jordin Sparks may have had something to do with it.  =) It is good advice though.  I mean....Remember "What about Bob"??? He overcame his OCD by taking BABY STEPS and I'm sure he took them one at a time.  Very inspirational.

In other news yesterday was Valentines Day.  I had a great day surrounded by the people who I love.  I'm so blessed to have such awesome friends!!! :)

If you are in love--I mean like with a significant other--Don't let yesterday be the only day you show love.  Spread the love everyday!!! :) 

Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Favorite Quote

"Don't you quit.
You keep walking.
You keep trying
There is help and happiness ahead
Some blessings come soon
Some come late
and some don't come until heaven.
But for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ THEY COME.
It will be alright in the end
Trust God and believe in the good things to come."

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Day Four=Favorite TV show

Sooooo we all know that my ALL TIME FAVORITE is.....

But I also currently enjoy watching...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Read All About it....

Day Three....Favorite Book

I like a lot of books, but not really.  I mean I don't really read a lot.  However currently I am reading the Hunger Games....and it's great!!

However I'm going to take this question on a different route.  On Thursday I went to speed dating.   Yup that's right I have sunk that low. And I didn't even find my eternal companion =(  Anyway, this was one of the questions that they told us to talk about.  Our favorite book.  They also asked us to talk about if we floss before or after we brush. Oi.  My speed date's favorite book was the autobiography of Porter Rockwell. In case you were wondering =)

Friday, February 11, 2011

I remember that film..

Ok everyone practically already know this....But Day Two=Favorite movie so alas......


I love this movie sososo much! Fa reals.

However, I also like a few others...She's the Man, A lot like Love, P.S. I love you, Disturbia, Batman, Sandlot, Mulan, What Happens in Vegas, Life is Beautiful, the list really goes on and on...

So here's the thing... if you don't appreciate the art of Pink Panther 2 (Regi) watch it TODAY.  You will love it =)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mum's the word

Here's a hearty shout out to my wonderful mother on her day of birth.
Don't worry she "did the math" and she's 47.
My mom....

  1. is the queen of the 10 minute pick up
  2.  is a brave "experimenter" in the kitchen
  3. is a faithful disciple of Christ 
  4. doesn't eat chocolate {also known as a weirdo =)
  5. gets cramps in her foot a lot and my dad is the only one who can make them go away
  6. hates the words fart, butt, and suck
  7. is a wonderful educator who has I'm sure changed many a 5th grader's life
  8. is great at coming up with pointless chores>>knife the vents, dust the fake plants, etc, etc
  9. listens to general conference cd's on her way to work {also known as an example}
  10. is an adult who reads 5th grader books
  11. is a good texter
  12. yells "OH SHOOT" louder than all the other parent's at high school basketball games
  13. is someone who loves decorating with the color green
  14.  loves the gospel
  15.  is a great young womens leader
  16.  is a women I look up to
  17. recently decided she wanted to be a runner>>and did it!!
  18. is an amazing singer
  19.  has awesome parents 
  20.  makes awesome granola
  21. and italian chicken
  22. and apple pie
  23. and a lot of other stuff
  24. doesn't watch pg-13 movies
  25. loves watching Everybody loves raymond
  26.  loves zingers
  27. has a daughter that is trying to come up with 47 things to say about her {it's hard}
  28. loves to watch house hunters
  29. likes to see inside people's houses to see what they are watching on tv
  30. says funny things like perfecto mecto
  31. and "shooters"
  32. and "ready freddy"
  33. says "home again, home again" almost every time she comes home from the grocery store.
  34. has an obsession with water bottles
  35. she literally buys them all the time
  36. thinks christmas is the pits haha
  37. owns a lot of shoes
  38. has unwavering faith in the gospel
  39. has wonderful children 
  40. who love her very much
  41. loves floating in the sun in arizona
  42. thinks every song on the radio is by Linkin Park 
  43. except for the songs that are actually by Linkin Park
  44. she drives a pacifica
  45. she's the only one who likes it
  46. is very kind and loving
  47. most importantly, my mom has taught me so much and has truly led by example.  She makes sure that we know that we are children of God and she makes sure we act like it.  
Mom, I love you!! Thanks for everything!!
Happy Birthday!!

Sing. Sing a Song.

 Day One>>>favorite song

Oi.  I can't pick just one.  Sooooo here's a few.

Favorite song to sing in the shower...
Paramore: Playing God

Favorite song to sing in general...
Glee Cast: Defying Gravity

Favorite song to sing in the car...
Charly: A Heartbeat Away

Favorite Justin Bieber Song..
Stuck in the Moment

Favorite Song to Dance to...
Bottoms up

Love this song...

And this one

What I wake up to everyday...
Raise Your Glass

My ringtone..
King of Anything

Disney Friends for Change... love em

Favorite Zac Efron Song..
gotta go my own way

Seriously I just love all music this post doesn't even do it justice.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

so I'm pretty awesome.

not that I have to explain but here's why...

I am currently doing all of the following..
--watching INTERVENTION>>>{don't do drugs}
--Listening to this dumb video I have to watch for my class
--blogging {obviously}
--Debating about going to the gym>>>{that will hopefully come out a yes}
--chewing on my pen>>>>{yup gross habit}
--anticipating the weekend

That just goes to show that I am amazing.  I can do all those things at once.  Dang.

So here's the thing.  {side I'm watching Parenthood....but still don't do drugs} I'm going to start a 30 day blogger challenge!!! 

YAYAYAY! Stay tuned for the next 30 days to learn things about me you probably don't really care about but it will be fun!! :)

Day 1: A favorite song.
Day 2: A favorite movie.
Day 3: A favorite book.
Day 4: A favorite television program.
Day 5: A favorite quote.
Day 6: The meaning behind my blog name.
Day 7: A photo of you taken recently
Day 8: A Website
Day 9: A photo you took.
Day 10 Something you crave: 
Day 11: A person you admire
Day 12: Your dream wedding.
Day 13: A guilty pleasure.
Day 14: A vacation you would like to take.
Day 15:  One fact about you for each year of your life.
Day 16: A song that makes you cry.
Day 17: An art piece.
Day 18: Five things you couldn't possibly live without.
Day 19: A talent of yours.
Day 20: A hobby of yours.
Day 21: Something you would buy if you were given $1000.
Day 22: Pictures from where you live.
Day 23: A list of things that make you happy.
Day 24: A movie no one would expect you to love.
Day 25: A recipe.
Day 26: A childhood memory.
Day 27: Your fashion favorites.
Day 28: The things you hope to do in life.
Day 29: Hopes, dreams and plans you have for the next 365 days.
Day 30: A motto or philosophy.

Monday, February 07, 2011


Picture this.......
I'm sitting on the couch in my pj's bored out of my brain thinking about the uber lameness that is my life. When I hear a knock on the door and in walks three of my most favorite people!! Since Brittnay moved out in December, I hadn't seen her or Dillon and I was having major withdrawls.  Not to mention the fact that I hadn't seen Lisssay in like one whole year.  And there they were just out of nowhere to visit!! It was the best thing that could have happened and I couldn't have been more happy!!! I jumped off the couch and just gave three very big hugs.  It was great.

I just LOVE them. Srsly.

da do

My curls. We have a love hate relationship.  They've struggled lately.

So I did a JOJOBA oil treatment the other day and I was afraid that it would like undo the natural curl to my hair so I guess my hair just wanted to let me know that the curls are here to stay.
And I have to admit....I'm thankful for them.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


A) I suck at coming up with blog post titles.  I wish I was better at it and could come up with super corny ones.  I'll practice.
2) I am sore. Beyond belief
III) I'm going to start taking more pictures.  Like tonight I made this awesome veggie pizza. Shoulda taken a picture of it.  It was awesome.  Also, I want to be more artistic with my pictures. Like see through my third eye kind of thing ya know??

Anyway I've been blogging about a lot of pointless things lately which would bring us to the conclusion that a lot of pointless things go on in my life.  Is this true?? probably.  So heres some more pointless mumbo jumbo.

 For English 2010 we have a paper due on Thursday.  We got to pick our own topic.  I'm doing mine based off this post.  Needless to say everyone else is doing super contraversal serious topics.  Sorry that's just not the way I roll!

Yesterday I FINALLY applied for the ELED program!!! I can't wait for the interview and then I just have to hope and pray I get in.

OH I also FINALLY uploaded these photos from our epic night at the Fun Park! Enjoy...

peace out girl scout!!