Sunday, February 27, 2011

Something pretty awesome..

So my friend introduced to me to the last thing I need...a time waster. But it's COOL.  It's called STUMBLE UPON.  It's a website where you can set up an account and tell them your interests and then you click the "stumble" button and it introduces you to a whole bunch of sites.  That was a terrible description. Go check it out... but here's the best part.  Today I stumbled upon this beauty...
 Create your own chocolate! Please... that's AMAZING.  As I was strolling through the options of what you can put in your chocolate bar I almost died when I saw that you can put sour patch kids into your chocolate! WHAT!?!? I know right it's legit.  Add this to the list of things to buy when I win the lottery.  Just so you know my spkcb (sour patch kid chocolate bar) would cost $4.70 plus shipping.  A little pricey for candy buuuuut still it's pretty awesome!!!

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