Tuesday, February 01, 2011


A) I suck at coming up with blog post titles.  I wish I was better at it and could come up with super corny ones.  I'll practice.
2) I am sore. Beyond belief
III) I'm going to start taking more pictures.  Like tonight I made this awesome veggie pizza. Shoulda taken a picture of it.  It was awesome.  Also, I want to be more artistic with my pictures. Like see through my third eye kind of thing ya know??

Anyway I've been blogging about a lot of pointless things lately which would bring us to the conclusion that a lot of pointless things go on in my life.  Is this true?? probably.  So heres some more pointless mumbo jumbo.

 For English 2010 we have a paper due on Thursday.  We got to pick our own topic.  I'm doing mine based off this post.  Needless to say everyone else is doing super contraversal serious topics.  Sorry that's just not the way I roll!

Yesterday I FINALLY applied for the ELED program!!! I can't wait for the interview and then I just have to hope and pray I get in.

OH I also FINALLY uploaded these photos from our epic night at the Fun Park! Enjoy...

peace out girl scout!!

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