Friday, February 25, 2011

Change it up

Today's blogger challenge is a song that makes me cry.  I feel like I already talked enough about songs on Day 1...and I can't think of a song that makes me today I'm giving you what was missed a few days ago...A GUILTY PLEASURE.

I really can't think of one because I don't feel guilty about really anything weird that I do because I just do what I do....but I've tried to come up with a few.

#1 I watch the Kardashians.  Or you could say I "keep up" with them.
#2 Sometimes when I'm driving I drive on the wrong side of the road...or enter through the exit...just to show that I can't be controlled.
#3 I've eaten a whole bag of sour patch kids...and didn't even care
#4 I spend money like I have it...even though I don't.  I just like to feel like I do.
#5 I love the Biebs
#6 and My final pleasure that I guess I should feel a little guilty about is this man...

If I ever get the chance to kiss him...I won't pass it up.  Even if I'm married.  Nuff Said.

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