Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh what a week!

This was one of those weeks where so much goes on that each day feels like it's its own little week so when you look back to Monday it feels like a whole month ago that it happened! Those weeks are just crazy!!! So here goes a quick recap of one of the best weeks I've had since gettin to college.....
Monday we went to the grocery store and Petsmart with Chad...he bought us this beautiful fish...

Then we went to clean the sink at Angies...the sink is basically a sink full of icecream and you get a whole bunch of people together and you eat it all then you get a sweet bumber sticker. We went for Jared's was a lot of fun!!

Also on Monday I had my last piano lesson with Glenn :( it was really sad!! I loved teaching was one of the best things that could have happened to me right now in my life. I want to teach more old folks how to play the piano. I think it's so amazing that he wanted to continue learning new talents..I know he will benefit so much from learning this. He is moving to Arizona for the winter so he said he'd continue lessons there and then give me a call when he gets home. I'm so grateful I had that experience!
Tuesday was my first real day on the job! it was pretty intense!! I actually really kinda like the job...ya know it's good pay, not hard, and I get to talk to so many different types of people. However 6 hours is a pretty long time to do that!
On Thursday I went to work again...but I got off early!! YIPPY.. Then we had to do an epic cleaning of our apartment! Cleaning checks were on Friday so we had a lot to get done in one night! Our stove was DEEEgusting! But good ol' Larissa just went right in there and tackled it! She's amazing!!

Friday was a pretty dang good day! We went to the grocery store...then we went to the football game! USU lost...(no surprise) and it was freezing but it was still really fun! Then we watched Penelope..good show!...then we got really bored and Brittnay and I both fit into my huge cookie pants!! ha ha ha ha ha

Saturday I went to work again...and got off early again!!! YIPPY! then we just watched movies and ate A LOT of food!! good times good times!!
Today was a great was ward conference and the spirit was just so strong!! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!! I know that for a fact and I'm so glad that I know that! I love the gospel and can't wait to continue my life staying strong in it. Also today we made a dang good dinner..chicken cresents, rice, brocolli and pink lemonade!! Dang it was delish...then I had to make a cake for FHE tomorrow...I SUCK AT COOKING!!! basically first I forgot the water in the batter and just couldn't figure out what was wrong with it...then I suposedly dropped a hair in the batter...then I burnt it! SO tomorrow I have to wake up early and go buy another cake mix and try to make another cake! Oh man good times! I seriously can't wait for Thanksgiving this week!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh home and missionaries....

So this weekend I had a chance to go home! It was so fun!!! We went down to magleby's on Friday! ha ha Good times good times. Lane and Kevin still work there of was kinda weird but good to see Carlos! I love that man!! Then I went shopping for hair dye with Carlie. It's interesting how relationships change when you move out. Carlie and I used to fight like crazy...but now we are good! She wanted to hang out with me all weekend! It was so cute!! Then on Saturday we went to Brittnay's little cousin's football was so legit! Those families basically live for that sport! Brittnay's cousin got injured and they had to take him to the hospital! Crazy.... It was so good to see Britt's family...I love them!! Then I went shopping with my mom and hung out with Cam! I love dad was pretty busy with church stuff but I do love him so much!! On Sunday we went to church...Andrew Shaw gave his farewell talk..I'm so grateful for worthy missionaries! They are amazing and just what this church needs!
Then I played and epic game of Monopoly with Car and Cam! ha ha ha Cameron is so funny! He said-and I quote- "I have a preposition that I need to get out in the open..." ha ha ha he was talking about a new idea that he had come up with but he just got his words wrong!! ha ha I died laughing! Then Chad made us dinner at Cory's was delicious!! ya so all in all it was a great weekend!! I'm so excited for thanksgiving!

So meanwhile I was home I went into my room to go to bed. First of all my room isn't my room anymore...yup like three weeks after I moved out my parents transformed it into another guest room!! I don't like to talk about it..:) ha ha anyway so I got to thinking about how things change...first my room was just white...then I painted it orange...then it was so it's ugly green! Sooo anyway I started thinking aobut how my life has been changing with my room kinda...I know it's weird but really it is...Like someday I'll sleep in there in my husband..then we'll set up a little crib for our's just weird to think about ya know...Life is exciting!!!

Last night we all hung out in our room like always! It is so fun just all talking and stuff! oh gee

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh Veterans Day.....

So yesterday was Veterans Day..I was so busy that I didn't have time to write this then so I'm paying my respects a day late! But really I am so grateful for all who serve for our country...I think that lately I've developed a new gratitude for those all started the other day when I was on the bus going to class....there was a lady with her two kids riding on the Aggie Shuttle. She was obviously of a different culture. I saw her get out her immigration pass thing. This made me so grateful for this country and the freedoms that we have. This women and her family are getting to experience probably more than they ever would!

My personal Junior High I had to read a biography. I read a book called "Let's Roll" is the biography of Todd Beamer...a passenger on Flight 93 on September 11. I hope someday in heaven I can meet him and tell him how he has inspired me! His story has seriously made me a better person.
Seriously read the book or google him because he was an amazing man...and is a true hero of mine.

The Draeger family.....Dale is in Iraq right now for the second time...I'm amazed at the strength and courage of his family...they are truely amazing! Thank you Dale and all the other soldiers!
Ok so anyway....I GOT A JOB!!! Yup that's right I got a job at Information Alliance! I went in for training was pretty exciting..basically I conduct research surveys for USU. I start shifts on Tuesday so that is definetly an answer to my prayers. I have so much to be grateful for right now!! Life is good...the church is true! ha ha

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Oh the weekend....

This weekend was pretty relaxing actually! On Friday we watched Hancock...I really enjoy that show...if you haven't seen it you should definetly watch has a few language problems but it is really unpredictable!! Then on Saturday I slept in...then I went to see the musical "Throughally Modern Millie" for my creative arts class...that's a pretty good musical..then AGGIE BASKETBALL...WITH A WIN OF COURSE!! If you haven't been to a game before...GO! they are the bomb....then we went to Arby's and watched Hitch..once again a good one!

Today has been a pretty good ward is pretty sweet. The talks today were about gratitude..I love November! It's just such a nice month..nature is beautiful--and it's just a good time to reflect on everything we have. Sarah and Brianna gave me the idea to make a thankful wall..everyday I've been writing down something that I am grateful for.. it's pretty neat to think about each day.

So I have a job interview tomorrow at this's called Information Alliance..Tori used to work there. It's a survey place...not very glamorous but she said she made a lot of money which is basically what I need right now! So pray that goes well!! This week also is filled with a lot of homework...but on Friday...I'M GOING HOME!! Chad is coming down so me and Brittnay are heading to Payson for the weekend! I'm really excited..just to get away for a few days!

I don't have any new pictures to put up so just in honor of me being grateful....

Here's a picture of my baby! :( I know I'm weirdly obsessed with this car...but I miss it so much!!! anyway.....that's all! :)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Oh college....

I've learned a few things since I came to college....
1st. Teachers don't have any history teacher is nuts! On Monday we were talking about a preacher named Billy Sunday...then all of the sudden my teacher jumps up on the tables and starts given a sermon...I took a video!

2nd. Paying for laundry STINKS!!! so when you don't have any money it's ok to do a load in the tub...
3rd. Studying is important--READ THE TEXTBOOK!!
That's all I can think of right now...basically I am supposed to register for Spring semester on Friday! feels like this semester just started..But I'm pretty excited for the break between semesters and everything..and also to get new TIME FLIES!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Crazy crazy life....

This week has been pretty crazy as far as the weather goes....It snowed on Tuesday....and now it's all melted!!! ha ha strange!

The Tuesday snow
THE MOMENT WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR........AGGIE BASKETBALL!!! Whoot woot!! The first game was on Friday and it was really exciting!!! We won of course by a lot!
Friends at the game!!

We won!
I really love it up here in's such a beautiful town. I love walking too and home from campus and just enjoying the scenery...Last week the leaves basically all fell off the trees in one day and completly covered the sidewalks through the was one of the most beautiful things I've seen in nature...

I've been a little discouraged lately just because everything isn't really falling into place like I thought it would...I thought I'd get a great job that I loved, and basically have the coolest life...I got really discouraged and called my dad to complain. I love my dad and the advice he gives..he's a great man and I'm so grateful for him..he told me to just take it in stride and trust in the lord..that's something that I've always known I'm supposed to do but I guess I loose sight of that during my times of stress. Today was a great sabbath..we had fast sunday/family day/ward council/Pres. Uchdorf fireside tonight...pretty spiritually packed day. :) I'm so thankful for that..this week I'm going to strife to keep the lord and the church as the center of my life and see how things go..I have a strong testimony and I'm so grateful for that anchor in my life!! Happy Day!