Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh home and missionaries....

So this weekend I had a chance to go home! It was so fun!!! We went down to magleby's on Friday! ha ha Good times good times. Lane and Kevin still work there of was kinda weird but good to see Carlos! I love that man!! Then I went shopping for hair dye with Carlie. It's interesting how relationships change when you move out. Carlie and I used to fight like crazy...but now we are good! She wanted to hang out with me all weekend! It was so cute!! Then on Saturday we went to Brittnay's little cousin's football was so legit! Those families basically live for that sport! Brittnay's cousin got injured and they had to take him to the hospital! Crazy.... It was so good to see Britt's family...I love them!! Then I went shopping with my mom and hung out with Cam! I love dad was pretty busy with church stuff but I do love him so much!! On Sunday we went to church...Andrew Shaw gave his farewell talk..I'm so grateful for worthy missionaries! They are amazing and just what this church needs!
Then I played and epic game of Monopoly with Car and Cam! ha ha ha Cameron is so funny! He said-and I quote- "I have a preposition that I need to get out in the open..." ha ha ha he was talking about a new idea that he had come up with but he just got his words wrong!! ha ha I died laughing! Then Chad made us dinner at Cory's was delicious!! ya so all in all it was a great weekend!! I'm so excited for thanksgiving!

So meanwhile I was home I went into my room to go to bed. First of all my room isn't my room anymore...yup like three weeks after I moved out my parents transformed it into another guest room!! I don't like to talk about it..:) ha ha anyway so I got to thinking about how things change...first my room was just white...then I painted it orange...then it was so it's ugly green! Sooo anyway I started thinking aobut how my life has been changing with my room kinda...I know it's weird but really it is...Like someday I'll sleep in there in my husband..then we'll set up a little crib for our's just weird to think about ya know...Life is exciting!!!

Last night we all hung out in our room like always! It is so fun just all talking and stuff! oh gee

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