Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh what a week!

This was one of those weeks where so much goes on that each day feels like it's its own little week so when you look back to Monday it feels like a whole month ago that it happened! Those weeks are just crazy!!! So here goes a quick recap of one of the best weeks I've had since gettin to college.....
Monday we went to the grocery store and Petsmart with Chad...he bought us this beautiful fish...

Then we went to clean the sink at Angies...the sink is basically a sink full of icecream and you get a whole bunch of people together and you eat it all then you get a sweet bumber sticker. We went for Jared's was a lot of fun!!

Also on Monday I had my last piano lesson with Glenn :( it was really sad!! I loved teaching was one of the best things that could have happened to me right now in my life. I want to teach more old folks how to play the piano. I think it's so amazing that he wanted to continue learning new talents..I know he will benefit so much from learning this. He is moving to Arizona for the winter so he said he'd continue lessons there and then give me a call when he gets home. I'm so grateful I had that experience!
Tuesday was my first real day on the job! it was pretty intense!! I actually really kinda like the job...ya know it's good pay, not hard, and I get to talk to so many different types of people. However 6 hours is a pretty long time to do that!
On Thursday I went to work again...but I got off early!! YIPPY.. Then we had to do an epic cleaning of our apartment! Cleaning checks were on Friday so we had a lot to get done in one night! Our stove was DEEEgusting! But good ol' Larissa just went right in there and tackled it! She's amazing!!

Friday was a pretty dang good day! We went to the grocery store...then we went to the football game! USU lost...(no surprise) and it was freezing but it was still really fun! Then we watched Penelope..good show!...then we got really bored and Brittnay and I both fit into my huge cookie pants!! ha ha ha ha ha

Saturday I went to work again...and got off early again!!! YIPPY! then we just watched movies and ate A LOT of food!! good times good times!!
Today was a great was ward conference and the spirit was just so strong!! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!! I know that for a fact and I'm so glad that I know that! I love the gospel and can't wait to continue my life staying strong in it. Also today we made a dang good dinner..chicken cresents, rice, brocolli and pink lemonade!! Dang it was delish...then I had to make a cake for FHE tomorrow...I SUCK AT COOKING!!! basically first I forgot the water in the batter and just couldn't figure out what was wrong with it...then I suposedly dropped a hair in the batter...then I burnt it! SO tomorrow I have to wake up early and go buy another cake mix and try to make another cake! Oh man good times! I seriously can't wait for Thanksgiving this week!!!

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  1. Dang! It has been a really good week! I'm glad I stayed in Logan this weekend so I could hang out with you guys. It was epic. Thanks for all the amazing times!!