Sunday, November 08, 2009

Oh the weekend....

This weekend was pretty relaxing actually! On Friday we watched Hancock...I really enjoy that show...if you haven't seen it you should definetly watch has a few language problems but it is really unpredictable!! Then on Saturday I slept in...then I went to see the musical "Throughally Modern Millie" for my creative arts class...that's a pretty good musical..then AGGIE BASKETBALL...WITH A WIN OF COURSE!! If you haven't been to a game before...GO! they are the bomb....then we went to Arby's and watched Hitch..once again a good one!

Today has been a pretty good ward is pretty sweet. The talks today were about gratitude..I love November! It's just such a nice month..nature is beautiful--and it's just a good time to reflect on everything we have. Sarah and Brianna gave me the idea to make a thankful wall..everyday I've been writing down something that I am grateful for.. it's pretty neat to think about each day.

So I have a job interview tomorrow at this's called Information Alliance..Tori used to work there. It's a survey place...not very glamorous but she said she made a lot of money which is basically what I need right now! So pray that goes well!! This week also is filled with a lot of homework...but on Friday...I'M GOING HOME!! Chad is coming down so me and Brittnay are heading to Payson for the weekend! I'm really excited..just to get away for a few days!

I don't have any new pictures to put up so just in honor of me being grateful....

Here's a picture of my baby! :( I know I'm weirdly obsessed with this car...but I miss it so much!!! anyway.....that's all! :)

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