Friday, June 29, 2012

this pretty much sums it all up...

that my friends, describes my life perfectly right now

Thursday, June 28, 2012

it's no secret

oh hey blog.
it's been awhile.
my life is pretty super exciting boring
i don't do much
but, i do waste the hours of work away on the inter-web
yesterday, i read like 100 pages of boy meets world tumblr
*face palm*
but, it's no secret that i really really love that show
it's obsession status
and i'm not the least bit ashamed
i think it's pretty funny when someone says to me..
"hey remember that show boy meets world? i loved that show"
and i be like
"oh please.  remember it? i memorized every episode."
it's a talent really

and i just really think it is brilliant tv
ps pandora, if your listening, please stop playing scream-o music. thanks

over and out
maybe i'll come up with a not-so-lame post
don't count on it


Saturday, June 16, 2012

The power of a sentence

This post has been writing itself in my head for a couple months and I haven't been able to figure out how to express what I'm feeling and thinking in a way that people could relate, yet keeping confidential information confidential but still not being so vague that people feel like they just read an obituary that doesn't tell how the person died.
But I think that I've figured it out.
In elementary school, we learn about sentences. We learn how to structure a proper sentence.  As we continue in our learning, we learn about subjects, predicates, and verbs.  We learn the importance of subject verb agreement, where to place the commas, and not to end a sentence with a preposition {cue ms bridges's inappropriate co-ed joke}

Isn't it interesting though that all of those rules and procedures have to do with writing.  We are never really taught how to talk in sentences.  We just do it. When we first begin to talk, we get out a word here or there, and then eventually-bam-we never shut up.

Sentences are powerful.  A sentence can change so much in just the time it takes to utter the subject and the predicate.  It can ruin everything you had hoped for. So much can come from just a measly little sentence.  So much happiness and sometimes utter disappointment and discouragement. 

A few months ago, a three word sentence changed a lot of things in my life.  subject. verb. adjective.  That's all it took to get my mind spinning in a wild whirlwind of emotions I had never experienced before. I thought I would never be able to "move" on from the news that was delivered via that sentence.  Those three words changed a lot of things.  They canceled out a lot of feelings I had felt and, if I'm being completely honest, made me feel like a worthless, naive incoherent blob. 

But, the utterer of those words experienced many different emotions.  bravery.confusion.fear.  Once I got over my selfish feelings, I realized how they were feeling and how awful it was for them to be going through what they were experiencing and expressing in that sentence.  Isn't that interesting.  Two people. One sentence. three words. Yet, each person involved felt very different emotions based off of those words.

Time went on and that sentence lingered in the back of my mind all the time.  I replayed it over and over again. I revisited the emotions I felt when I first heard it, and gained other emotions. to resolve. As time continued to go on, the shock of hearing those words wore off, and life began to go back to normal for me.

Then today there was another sentence.  This time, six words. Again there was a subject, a verb, and this time a noun.  The utterer of the sentence felt excitement.giddy.happiness.  But, I was again brought to those feelings of disappointment.discouragement.heartache. I don't know how the feelings will change as time goes on this time, but I'm hoping it starts to be easier.happier.settling.

Monday, June 11, 2012

How am I supposed to save money

When I spend 75% of my work day on pinterest and these two pins show up on the same page....

It's inevitable.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

  • Regina Spektor's seal sounds.  
  • The guy next to me at spinning.  Eighty years my prime.  Wiping his leg sweat with paper towel every 12.2 seconds.  
  • Also said man's shorts were 12.2 inches shorter than any short I've ever wore and 53 inches shorter than any short he should be wearing.  
  • The Asian nail salon man scolding me for biting my hangnail.  "You just clip. Much betta fo you."  To him I say, "not everyone carries nail clippers around mmmkay"
  • The quote on pinterest about whispering in panties.  I. hate. it. 
  • Monkeys.  I litterally hate monkeys.
  • Also, when you make monkey plural, why isn't it monkies??
  • The amount of times I have to go to the restroom while eating "raw".  One word. AWFUL. 
  • my toenail polish.  I hate hate HATE removing my toenail polish so I let it sit and fade and then it gets to this point and it'sawkward.  
  • the f words on pinterest.  I hate them.
  • the new running shoes I ordered yesterday!!! SOOOO beyond excited
  • the fact that I will be a 3rd grade teacher next year.
  • Going back to spinning! Loved it.
  • my new phone. Instagram!!! follow me @ amyjomama :)
  • the fact that this is my 200th blog post! Holla!
  • the country solo cup.. I love it.   Be honest you love it too.

Monday, June 04, 2012

As of late...

My blog has been a little...well... whiny.  It's alright it happens... So here's the not so dry, lame stuff that's been going on.  :)

 First, we got family pictures.  My family is a lot of things, but photogenic just isn't one of them.  But it was fun.
I feel like if they made a tv show about my family, the top right photo would totally be the cover.

Cam left on his mission. 
his letters are posted here

Paige got hitched! The wedding was beautiful! Everything turned out great.   
We celebrated with a dinner to olive garden and getting our nails done. 

My roomie Stephanie left on her mission! She is going to El Salvador and she is going to do amazing!
I stole this picture from her blog :)

I found a plymouth sundance....exactly like mine!! I cried a little. 
byebye broken bumper. :)

 I finally went to REAL Salt Lake game! It was awesome! We had great seats, good food, and they won! 
So great!!

So there you have it.  When I'm not sitting in my cute little cubicle, I have lot of fun!