Thursday, June 28, 2012

it's no secret

oh hey blog.
it's been awhile.
my life is pretty super exciting boring
i don't do much
but, i do waste the hours of work away on the inter-web
yesterday, i read like 100 pages of boy meets world tumblr
*face palm*
but, it's no secret that i really really love that show
it's obsession status
and i'm not the least bit ashamed
i think it's pretty funny when someone says to me..
"hey remember that show boy meets world? i loved that show"
and i be like
"oh please.  remember it? i memorized every episode."
it's a talent really

and i just really think it is brilliant tv
ps pandora, if your listening, please stop playing scream-o music. thanks

over and out
maybe i'll come up with a not-so-lame post
don't count on it


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