Saturday, September 25, 2010

Maybe time to reevaluate...

So I had one of those days the other day.
Ya know the kind where this road you've been traveling down on the beautiful journey of life all of the sudden turns into a treacherous highway. But once you go a little further you see a sign on the side of the road in the shubbery that lets you know that ya this is where I want to be going and soon it will all get better.  
Explain? ok
I love teaching children.  I had a great experience teaching piano lessons in high school and thought to myself...ya I could do this everyday.  So naturally upon coming to USU I decided to major in Elementary Ed and become a teacher.  I was well on my way to applying for the program and was preparing the application for October 1st.  I met with my counselor (who btw I am very grateful for...I feel he genuinely cares for me and my education experience) and we started to go through everything and make sure it was all ready to go.  Everything was in order until the last item. My favorite  worst experience ever...the praxis.  My advisor informed me that I had to have a print out of my scores...which I don't have...but I know I passed.  And which is only available for 45 days on line...WHO KNEW I didn't and neither did my counselor.... so after the crap storm I went through to take the test...I don't have any scores.  So I had to pay an ADDITIONAL $40 to get my scores reopened AND I have to wait 7-10 business days for them to reopen AND then I have to wait for them to ship from New Jersey.  Do the math...chances are they won't be here by Oct 1st.  So I won't be applying for the program yet.  Road Block 1.
I took this very hard.  But, once I started thinking about it, I realized that ultimately I want to be a teacher so I'll just have to do whatever it takes.  Until... road block 2 popped up
I work for the after school club and LOVE IT!!! on this road block day however it was rough.  To make a long personal story short, I feel so sorry for children who have rough home lives at such a young age.  I wish so much I could give them the love they deserve and adopt them all.
This was a struggle for me because I realize that if I continue on this road to becoming a teacher, I'm probably going to run into this a lot.  If I take it that hard every time, it's going to be a rough time.
So naturally I called my mom.  She was that bright sign in the shrubbery that helped me to keep going.  I love her and I love how in tune with the spirit she is.
So... I'm still going to be a teacher, and I'm still going to be a positive influence in those kids lives, and be the angel they need every afternoon.  :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

b b b b BIRTHDAYS!!!!

I love birthdays. Whether it's my own or not...( but let's face it...I like mine the most) This weekend we partied like it was 1999 (how hard did I actually party when I was 9?? real hard.)
Reginald's birthday was on thursday...
We decorated her room with millions of balloons and streamers. For dinner I made some delish Cafe Rio style chicken burritos.  Then we had a 99 Red Balloons Dance Party.
Friday wasn't anyones birthday.  But, we went to TEXAS ROADHOUSE to celebrate the combined birthday.  It was SOOOO FUN! Seriously though it was great.
Saturday was Brittnay's birthday. We made some yummy french toast and orange juliuses for breakfast.  We suck at life so there aren't any pictures from our breakfast. But we do have decorating pictures!!!
So as you know it was a GREAT weekend!!!
Love you Reg and Brit!! :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The last few weeks...

I've been so lazy with writing on here and in my personal journal for that matter...I'm trying to do better because I seriously believe that documenting your experiences is muy importante.  So here's a quicky about the last month or so.....
  • New APT: My new place is great....yes we didn't have hot water..but now we it's all good!! :) I love living here and love being here with my besties!!! (If I can ever remember when it's clean...maybe I'll take some pictures)
  • New Classes: SUCK. Ok ok so they aren't that bad but I'm just finishing up all of my generals so I'm taking a bunch of classes that mean nothing to me.  Like Intelligent Life in the Universe.  Yup a whole class devoted to aliens.  SOOOO boring.  Also, I'm taking a humanities class and seriously the whole time I really do not know what is going's a struggle.  But the quizzes comes straight from Spark Notes...ya the teacher doesn't know what she's doing...pretty sure.  Also, I'm taking a Piano Pedagogy class where we learn how to teach piano. I personally love it.  There are only like 2 or 3 of us in the class that aren't piano majors, and basically everyone in that class is just taking it because they have to.  But, I like it... :)
  • New Job: LOVE IT!! It's def my cup of tea.... I work every day from 2-6 and I just love it.  I work mostly with the first graders and quite frankly every day I want to take them home with me....mostly just one of them...but I can't..:( But it's good pay and I just play with kids all day.... it rocks.