Wednesday, April 07, 2010

March Madness

{Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.}

Well said Ferris...well said

March was full of busy is moving way too fast!!!!

.......{Aggies are WAC Champions!}.......

I loved going to all the Aggie games!! It's so great to be at such a wonderful school! I'm so blessed with this opportunity!

.........{Praxis Exam}.........

Worst day of my life. The people who run that exam don't really have a brain in their head I'm pretty sure!! I don't even know if I passed yet.

.......{Road Trip!!!}............

Oregon was AMAZING!!! For sure a memory we will all remember forever! The Ramsey family was so kind and hospitable. They put all five of us up for like seven of charge!! They are so amazing.

We went to the rose gardens, the lake, Multnomah falls, downtown Portland, exploring, the fish hatchery, the zoo, Taco Bell, Red Robin, Canon Beach, Tillamook cheese factory, etc, etc, was LEGIT!

.......{Dalli Llama Love}.........

The weekend after Spring Break, all of us room mates headed down to the Harri Krisna (aka Dalli Llama Temple) to participate in the anual color festival of LOVE.

We sang.... HARRI HARRI KRISNA KRISNA!!! then threw a ton of colorful dust in the air turning the air all sorts of colors. It was also LEGIT!! After we took our colorful selfs to good ol' Magleby's! oh Magleby's! good times.

.......{March Madness}.......
The actual basketball tournament resulted in me doing TERRIBLE in the Beckert family tournament. I'm pretty sure I took a solid last place....but Carlie Won!!! The first Payson Beckert winner!!!! YAY US!
So it's been some great times lately! Everything is going so good and I'm so grateful for everything I have!!!

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