Friday, April 23, 2010

A Pointless Post

I really have nothing to write..... I'm just bored....and not wanting to do any homework. 

Last week there was an earthquake.....I have never been in an earthquake before so it was a nice life milestone.  Don't worry we didn't have to duck and cover and get under our desk while the sky was falling.  I was just at work the tables shook for about a minute and then that was it.  I'm pretty glad I wasn't at Morgan Hall because I hear the tall old building doesn't exactly have a strong foundation.  But that was a pretty exciting moment in my life.  :)

Also, I registered for next semester a few nights ago.  I serioulsy can't believe my first year of college is coming to an end.  Time is a crazy thing.  It just goes by.  I'm super stoked for the summer and the adventures I have planned.  : )

Also, I only have to work 2 more days at my stupid job.  I'm just so annoyed with a) the people who work there b) the rules and c) working weekends.
They hired a whole bunch of high school students that seriously are just so annoying!!! Also, because they hired all those high school students and alll their friends, no one has been focusing....go figure.  So now we can't have ANYTHING on our desk to do.  Needless to say I doze off everyday. 

Anyway....time to get back to never stops! : ) :)

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