Friday, April 09, 2010

Life is good!!

Wow! what a great week it has been! Things are just going great! I decided to think of the top ten things to be grateful for this week....
  1. The Sunshine--the sun has been missing for like the last 5 months, but it finally returned the last couple of days. It is so beautiful!! I love opening the windows and letting it all pour in the apartment!
  2. The Praxis--ok i'm not really grateful for the actual Praxis, I am however grateful that I PASSED!!! I semi take back all the terrible naughty words I said about that test and the people who administer it. Not only did I get $80 back but I also don't have to take it again. YAY!! I'm also grateful for the holy ghost. I know I had his help during the test!
  3. Nice insurance guys--my dad got it all worked out with his nice insurance guy so I will have a CAR next year!!! So happy!
  4. my roomies!!-- I love them so much...they complete me!! :)
  5. Getting up on time--It's SOO hard for me to get up on time on Tuesdays and Thursdays but yesterday, I was up on time and actually ON TIME to class!! YAY!!
  6. Cleaning Checks--they suck, but they make me clean! (go figure) but I finally cleaned out under my bed for the first time this year. Larissa was sick of looking at all the little friends under there. :0 now it basically sparkles!! :)
  7. Getting a goood chair and headset at work: yesterday was the first time in weeks that my headset has even stayed on my head! Not to mention the chairs. Tuesday my chair was approximatly 4 inches off the ground, also, on Wednesday my chair was so far reclined. But yesterday, my chair and headset were perfect. I even moved seats and they were still great ones. :)
  8. Friday--I love Fridays....sleep in....good work....and time with friends!
  9. My family-- I just love them!! Easter weekend was great. We did our traditional 'easter trail'. My mom also made DELICIOUS food and we all spent time together. It was so much fun!
  10. My Savior Jesus Christ-- I'm so grateful for my savior and the testimony that I have that he Lives! He knows me; He knows my thoughts, struggles and emotions. He knows because He has literally been there! He loves each of us individually. Conference was amazing and just proclaimed the fact that the Savior lives and He will come again! I'm so grateful I know that!

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