Monday, September 20, 2010

b b b b BIRTHDAYS!!!!

I love birthdays. Whether it's my own or not...( but let's face it...I like mine the most) This weekend we partied like it was 1999 (how hard did I actually party when I was 9?? real hard.)
Reginald's birthday was on thursday...
We decorated her room with millions of balloons and streamers. For dinner I made some delish Cafe Rio style chicken burritos.  Then we had a 99 Red Balloons Dance Party.
Friday wasn't anyones birthday.  But, we went to TEXAS ROADHOUSE to celebrate the combined birthday.  It was SOOOO FUN! Seriously though it was great.
Saturday was Brittnay's birthday. We made some yummy french toast and orange juliuses for breakfast.  We suck at life so there aren't any pictures from our breakfast. But we do have decorating pictures!!!
So as you know it was a GREAT weekend!!!
Love you Reg and Brit!! :)

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