Saturday, September 18, 2010

The last few weeks...

I've been so lazy with writing on here and in my personal journal for that matter...I'm trying to do better because I seriously believe that documenting your experiences is muy importante.  So here's a quicky about the last month or so.....
  • New APT: My new place is great....yes we didn't have hot water..but now we it's all good!! :) I love living here and love being here with my besties!!! (If I can ever remember when it's clean...maybe I'll take some pictures)
  • New Classes: SUCK. Ok ok so they aren't that bad but I'm just finishing up all of my generals so I'm taking a bunch of classes that mean nothing to me.  Like Intelligent Life in the Universe.  Yup a whole class devoted to aliens.  SOOOO boring.  Also, I'm taking a humanities class and seriously the whole time I really do not know what is going's a struggle.  But the quizzes comes straight from Spark Notes...ya the teacher doesn't know what she's doing...pretty sure.  Also, I'm taking a Piano Pedagogy class where we learn how to teach piano. I personally love it.  There are only like 2 or 3 of us in the class that aren't piano majors, and basically everyone in that class is just taking it because they have to.  But, I like it... :)
  • New Job: LOVE IT!! It's def my cup of tea.... I work every day from 2-6 and I just love it.  I work mostly with the first graders and quite frankly every day I want to take them home with me....mostly just one of them...but I can't..:( But it's good pay and I just play with kids all day.... it rocks.

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