Saturday, February 12, 2011

Read All About it....

Day Three....Favorite Book

I like a lot of books, but not really.  I mean I don't really read a lot.  However currently I am reading the Hunger Games....and it's great!!

However I'm going to take this question on a different route.  On Thursday I went to speed dating.   Yup that's right I have sunk that low. And I didn't even find my eternal companion =(  Anyway, this was one of the questions that they told us to talk about.  Our favorite book.  They also asked us to talk about if we floss before or after we brush. Oi.  My speed date's favorite book was the autobiography of Porter Rockwell. In case you were wondering =)


  1. Dangit! I remembered your speed dating thing yesterday and was super sad that you weren't there for me to ask how it went. By the way, speed dating is not any kind of low. I've stooped lower. Oi, indeed.

  2. SHUT-UP! You didn't find your eternal companion? Dirty darn. I had such high hopes.