Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mum's the word

Here's a hearty shout out to my wonderful mother on her day of birth.
Don't worry she "did the math" and she's 47.
My mom....

  1. is the queen of the 10 minute pick up
  2.  is a brave "experimenter" in the kitchen
  3. is a faithful disciple of Christ 
  4. doesn't eat chocolate {also known as a weirdo =)
  5. gets cramps in her foot a lot and my dad is the only one who can make them go away
  6. hates the words fart, butt, and suck
  7. is a wonderful educator who has I'm sure changed many a 5th grader's life
  8. is great at coming up with pointless chores>>knife the vents, dust the fake plants, etc, etc
  9. listens to general conference cd's on her way to work {also known as an example}
  10. is an adult who reads 5th grader books
  11. is a good texter
  12. yells "OH SHOOT" louder than all the other parent's at high school basketball games
  13. is someone who loves decorating with the color green
  14.  loves the gospel
  15.  is a great young womens leader
  16.  is a women I look up to
  17. recently decided she wanted to be a runner>>and did it!!
  18. is an amazing singer
  19.  has awesome parents 
  20.  makes awesome granola
  21. and italian chicken
  22. and apple pie
  23. and a lot of other stuff
  24. doesn't watch pg-13 movies
  25. loves watching Everybody loves raymond
  26.  loves zingers
  27. has a daughter that is trying to come up with 47 things to say about her {it's hard}
  28. loves to watch house hunters
  29. likes to see inside people's houses to see what they are watching on tv
  30. says funny things like perfecto mecto
  31. and "shooters"
  32. and "ready freddy"
  33. says "home again, home again" almost every time she comes home from the grocery store.
  34. has an obsession with water bottles
  35. she literally buys them all the time
  36. thinks christmas is the pits haha
  37. owns a lot of shoes
  38. has unwavering faith in the gospel
  39. has wonderful children 
  40. who love her very much
  41. loves floating in the sun in arizona
  42. thinks every song on the radio is by Linkin Park 
  43. except for the songs that are actually by Linkin Park
  44. she drives a pacifica
  45. she's the only one who likes it
  46. is very kind and loving
  47. most importantly, my mom has taught me so much and has truly led by example.  She makes sure that we know that we are children of God and she makes sure we act like it.  
Mom, I love you!! Thanks for everything!!
Happy Birthday!!

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