Thursday, February 24, 2011

20 things you should know..

Day 15=a random fact about me for every day I've been alive...that's 20 folks.

  1. I've never broken a bone or been in the hospital
  2. I've never been in love
  3. My favorite animal is the red panda
  4. I love to people watch
  5. I HATE HATE HATE (did I mention I HATE) Tuna fish
  6. I grew up in Payson
  7. I've had the same best friend since 4th grade
  8. I used to teach piano lessons
  9. At one point in  my life I dreamed of going to Harvard law school
  10. I have naturally curly hair
  11. I love tropical things...the beach, pina coladas, palm trees, men with nice abs, etc, etc
  12. I love wearing eye makeup
  13. I love funny movies
  14. I like to eat out 
  15. I love baseball 
  16. I love to play volleyball
  17. I really like shoes
  18. Someday I want to go to Europe and Austrailia and New Zealand
  19. I can't wait to be a teacher
  20. My birthday is the shortest, coldest day of the year...and the world may or may not end on my 22nd birthday

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