Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So You Think You Can.


I love dancing.  I thought about why I am so attached do this show and I think I've figured it out.
I love music.  Always have probably always will.  I love hearing others play music and I love (and miss) hearing myself play music.  I love the way you can express such raw feelings.  Recently through the show So You Think You can Dance, I've realized that I also love the self expression of dance.  I can't do it, but I love watching others do it.

Anyway... So for my lil sisters birthday, we got tickets to the SYTYCD tour in SLC!!!!  Thursday Nov 4th was the day...seriously one of the coolest events I've seen.  There is just something about seeing them on stage that I literally almost cried a few times.  (yeah I'm not ashamed!) anyway it was a night I will always remember.  So fun!



Kent and Robert
All That Jazz

Such a good dance
The Best!!! Winner and runner up

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