Friday, August 03, 2012

let's talk about....

pop music.
I'm having a love affair...

     af·fair: a romantic or passionate attachment typically of limited duration

With singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles.
like major girl crush up in here. 
as in I feel bad for the other cd's in my car and tracks on my cellphone because they are getting neglected.  
it's the sara b channel all day everyday.

 She is a master lyric-tician. 
              and she's the only master lyric-tician because I just made that up
She speaks to me

but she has a fault, she doesn't make enough music videos.  Like she has better things to do like serve in Japan and give concerts to support needy children. 
               cum-mon sara---priorities

So, I'm going to post some lyric videos.  I hate lyric videos.  Like with a passion, but, my passionate attachment  to Sara is stronger, so I'm going to post a few. 

"i never wanted anything so much
then to drown in your love
and not feel your rain"

"too late two choices
to stay or to leave
mine was so easy to uncover
he already left with the other
so i learned to listen through silence"

I'm telling you people...she's amazin'


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