Monday, August 06, 2012

dress up

guys, my bfffl {best friend for freakin life}is getting married.  In one month. Yikes.
I'm also starting my first official grown-up teaching job in 2 weeks. Double Yikes.

Just yesterday, I was perrusing through my wardrobe choices.  Some clothes I've had since JR. HIGH.  The shirt I'm wearing today in fact, is from the 11th grade. Oi.

So alas, I need to vamp up my wardrobe.  Not only do I need a drop. dead sexy. dress for the weddin, I also need something comfy and practical for teaching

Which is why I really really want to win this giveaway over at Elise'sPieces. :) and I would get this dress...

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

pockets. colored. zipper in the front??.
It's a winner. 

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