Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This is one of those posts
ya know the ones
the ones where by thoughts vomit on the computer
and you read them
and you're like
Amy's weird.

Yup it's one of those.

So I just discovered this blog...ok not really JUST, but like a while ago and then I spent my whole 8 hour workday reading the posts and dying of laughter.
Then I was too ashamed to push follow because I'm weird about that.  It takes me awhile to commit to following a blog written by someone I don't actually KNOW because it makes me feel like a creeper.

Then low and behold, today we were reunited and once again, I spent most of my 8 hour work day catching up on the posts I've missed since our last encounter.  So then I decided I should just man up and click follow. So now I'm following it so I can laugh everyday instead of for 8 hours.

 Butttt here's my issue.  It's happened before that I come across a blog that I'm lovin, then I overcome my fear and push follow, then they stop posting awesome things and I'm like WTsmell? why am I following this blog? Has that ever happened to you? {maybe perhaps with this blog? :( I hope not!}  Phew. It's an issue.

Also, I'm in love. I don't mean highschool I love you I love you too, I mean I am in love and I want to be. There's nobody else in the world for me, and there never will be, I'm taken.

by a coldstone creation. It's called: "The way I roll" and it has my heart.   Seriously though. think about it....cake batter meets pecans, meets cookie dough, meets cinnamon. BOMB.  It's all I think about.  Mmmmmm Yummmmm.  okay. this needs to stop. I'm going crazy.

Also, can we just talk about Boy Meets World again for a minute.  I know, I know-- I'm annoying.  But here's the thing, this episode is FUN-NY. This is the episode when Cory and Shawn set up a Bed and Breakfast in Mr. Feeny's house.

Then they realized that they have to give the people breakfast.
 I seriously love it.

Also, I discovered this website that lets you cut portions of a youtube video. It's legit. It's called TubeChop and I think it's the bees knees. 

Also, I'm moving today.  Yikes.  I'm pretty excited yet scared out of my britches at the same time.

By the way, who gave time permission to go by so stinkin fast!?! seriously how is it already the middle of August???? Crazy.

ok, ok last thing.

kills me!

Ok actually just joking THIS is for real the last thing.

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