Monday, August 22, 2011

dear boys....

This is going to be my first linky party post! Holla! I feel legit. :)

Dear goofy,
you confuse me.
love, Amy

Dear missionary,
sorry I suck at writing you letters....
Love, Amy

Dear first love,
do you think we will ever go back to the way things were in 3rd grade??? I would be ok with that....
love, Amy

Dear boy I swore I'd never be interested in,
I kinda am....shhhhhh
Love, Amy

Dear basketball,
If I could only stop dreaming about you maybe I could forget about you....
love, Amy

Dear boys,
when are you going to realize how AWESOME I am.
Love, Amy

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  1. Dear Amy,
    I love this post. Thanks for linking up!