Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Our favorite game!

That's right! It's another round of my  your favorite game...CELL PHONE PHOTOS!
 On one of my treks back up to L-town, I ate a tootsie pop...How many licks does it take to get to the center?? I lost count. However it took me from Spanish Fork to Lehi to get to this point when all the candy was off of the tootsie center. 
Piece of lint shaped like Mickey Mouse :) 

The directions to the TRAX center in Sandy.  If I had a smart phone, I could have just accessed it that way but instead I had to do it the "old fashion" way....look them up on my dads i-pad and then take a picture of them with my phone.  

Bee's game!

 Hey! remember that time I was going to the Bee's game and Brittnay and Dillon just so happened to be going to the same game? That was fun. :) 

The day the post office parking lot was practically flooded.

I really like to write my name.  Especially out of a straw wrapper. 

Fireworks at the Bee's game. 

 Leillah my cute wittle cousin! :) 
 I went to this restaurant once (The name escapes me at the moment) And they had crazy ideas of decorating.  This lovely bra was framed and hanging on the wall in the women's restroom. 

Leillah again

Sweet picture I was going to get my dad for his day of birth

Pat coloring angry birds.  He loves that game! 

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