Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So yesterday I woke up and it was SNOWING!! I know that a lot of places got snow but really?!? I just couldn't believe it! It was cold and wet but it is really pretty up here....Also last night Brittnay and I went to the King's Singers concert for our creative arts class. They have really good voices and it was interesting to hear them, but ya know two hours was just too long!!! Monday we went to the pumpkin walk with our roomies also for our dang creative arts class!! It was pretty interesting..basically people just paint pumpkins and make scenes out of them. It was pretty creative! Now I'm suppsed to be studying for my human development test in the library but instead I'm doing this. I've been getting a little behind lately because I'm just feeling stuck! I need to get out of this dang rut I'm in and make something of my life!! My goal for work tonight is to get 4 apps!!! I'm going to do it! I can feel it!! :)

Pumpkin Walk Roommate picture!!!

Oh man also on Sunday our fish died:( Sad on Monday we had a nice little ceremony for the poor guy!


  1. aww! I told you not to get those disgusting fish. All they good for is making me gag! blah! your blog is cute!

  2. I loved Sosuke and Ponyo! They were dear!