Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh Spring Semester

First of all why is it called Spring Semester??? It doesn't feel like spring out there!!
So last week was the first week of classes. For some reason I am having a hard time realizing that school is starting up again....hopefully it will hit me soon. So I had to drop out of my appreciating literature class...(really I just didn't want to take it...shhhh) also the final conflicted with one of my other finals. So it's been a mess trying to find an open class...but I got one...Child Guidance...should be interesting....WITH BRITTNAY!!

Also on Friday there was a FREE DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL CONCERT!!! I have always wanted to see them in concert so I was PUMPED!!! So Brittnay and I drove down to Ogden. The concert was on 25th street which is so cccute! I would love to just own my own little shop there...except there were a billion of pubs. ha ha so anyway we stood there and waited and waited...then they came out and IT WAS AAAAAAMAAAZZING!!!! They played all the songs I love which was surprising because I thought they would just play their old stuff...but they didn't....So ffffun! To make it better we ran into our good friend Kalie and stood with her and her good to see her!

I may lose my job...but hopefully not....
My camera broke so basically I am going to buy a new one today.... :)

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