Sunday, July 25, 2010


My new home is Payson Fruit Growers Plant B.  I will be spending probably the next three weeks there.  The job is easy, and the hours are long.  Just to clarify, we do not pick the cherries. We simply work in the factory that destems, depits, and packages the little fruit into buckets.  It's a little something like this....
except not black and white.
oh and not chocolates.

But other than that it is pretty close.. the little guys just travel on down the conveyor belt and your job is to pick off all the nasty ones. PARTY! you could also be a bucket liner, a lever puller, a sugar dispenser, a bag twister, or a lid pounder. Such variety of responsibilities.  
 however, you don't want to eat these cherries.  They are tart.  They taste nast until the third to last step in the process when the buckets are filled with 5 lbs of sugar!  Let's be real--5 lbs of sugar would make anything taste good. 
Yup so cherries is one blast and a half.  
: )

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