Monday, August 02, 2010

Nothing new

Just working. And sleeping.  I miss having a reason to get up and get ready and do my hair.  I'm seriously getting antsy to move back up to Logan and have a life again! Can't wait.

I have a job interview in Logan on Wednesday for the rec center's after school program that I volunteered with last year for my class.  I'm pretty excited and hope that the interview goes well.

I also saw Charlie St. Cloud the other day and it is now official....I am in LOVE with Zac Efron!  Seriously.  The man just makes me crazy.  I don't know if I would actually like the real man because let's be real he's probably a d-bag, but I love seriously every character he plays.

High School Musical:
I've always been a die hard fan of these overly cheesy movies.  They followed me through all my big events in life.  When the first one came out I was a freshman in high school.  We graduated together. So really they are like my fellow classmates. Haha just kidding..  but really I connected with him from day one.

I love him in this.  He cracks me up.

17 Again:
I watched this a few days ago and seriously he (Mr. Efron)  is FUNNY! oh and attractive.

Charlie St. Cloud:
Whew one word....perfection.  Zac just is beautiful.

that's all.
No but really the movie and the book (Charlie St. Cloud) are both great. (And not just because I'm in love with the main character...:) )

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