Saturday, May 28, 2011

Let's play a game

A game called---"What photos are on Amy's cell phone"

SOunds fun right?????

Trust me you'll love it :)

Regina and I at our epic temple study date.  Yes my hair is in my eyes.  My grandma HATES when my hair is  in my eyes.  She tells me I look like a sheep dog.  One time I had a tiny bit of bang blocking my eye in a school picture and I had to get retakes because my mom knew my grandma would be outraged.

Logan Temple. At night.

My crepe from THe Crepery.  It was quite frankly divine.

Paige and I at same temple study date.  My hair is no longer in my eyes. 

My laptop at the temple.

On one of my adventures I came across this pile of junk and thought it looked artistic.  I love when I have an artistic eye.

The brother.  and his huge foot.

Sometimes I take pictures of my self to see what my hair looks like in a picture.  I don't have any make up on.  Lovely.  Also, is it weird that I do my hair and then my make up?  Because  mostly everyone I've seen get ready does it opposite.  Strange.

One day while walking home from campus I came across this lovely gutter filled with worms.  Yum.

This is me a the beautiful  flower shop I occasionally work at to earn a little extra mula. And I have baby's breath in my ears.

The Crepery.  I wish I could type that the same way I say it.  It sounds so much better when I say it. 

Oh hey remember that time I was at the library for 4 hours 2 nights in a row working on my dang English paper.  Remember how on this particular night there was a cute boy (who coincidently works at the crepery....strange) sitting at the table next to me so I took a picture of myself to see if I looked any where near charming and alas....I don't.  My hand was over my mouth like that most of the night.  I guess it helps me think or just keeps me from swearing at the words on the computer. 
One time my good friend Bhavna was on vacation in Hawaii.  She sent me a beautiful picture of the sunny warm beach letting me know how beautiful Hawaii is.  So I took a picture of how un-beautiful Logan was on that particular evening.

Well that was fun!!!


  1. I love this. The part I loved most was the one where you took a picture of yourself to see how you looked for Mr. Crepery. I literally laughed right out loud. You and I need to have a Crepery date, because I've never been there.

  2. I would have to say that those crepes look only marginally better than the ones we once formed in the gym long ago ...