Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday

Today is the day.  The day of my older sister's birth.  She's 24 so as is my fashion...Here are 24 fun facts about Shealynn!

1. Her nicknames include: Sheaberdays
2. and Birdlegs
3.  She is allergic to food items that contain blue dye. 
4. Therefore she separates her fruitloops, lucky charms, and trix.
5.  Once she wrecked on a motorcycle and has a sweet scar on her knee
6. But not nearly as sweet as the scar on her head.  When she was 2 years old she cracked her head open and nearly died.  But she didn't :) Thank goodness! 

7. She has graduated from college and is a middle school teacher.
8.  She once pushed me into a bath tub--oh and tried to drown me in the bath tub.
9.  And made me push her around in a wheely chair after she tripped on her shoe lace and hurt her ankle.
10. We used to share a room :) good times!
11. She plays the piano. Mainly she plays "If we Hold On Together" from Land before Time

12. She loves going to concerts....with me :)
13.  She is beautiful!...  like really
14. She has grandma feet

15. She is one of my very best friends
16. She loves to watch the suite life on deck on disney channel
17. She loves to be tan

18.  She has a testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints
19.  She likes to play volleyball
20. She's funny and naive :)

21. Her name is Shealynn, but you can call her Shea...except she ALWAYS calls herself Shealynn.
22.  I've always looked up to her in so many ways

23.  She's had some sweet hair dos in her day :) 

24.  She is kind and loving and always willing to help people out


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