Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tell the world...

I'm comin home.
I've been wondering where home is for me lately.
Is it my parents house? Is it at my apartment in Logan? Who really knows....
None the less I spent the last couple weeks at my parents house which when I'm there is home for me :) It was a good time!  However, I missed Logan.  One of the main reasons I missed living here in L-town is because you NEVER have to drive on the freeway.  It's a beautiful thing.  When I'm in P-town, the only place you can go really w/out getting on the free way is grocery shopping....or to the movies.  If you want to go out to eat anywhere that's not Mexican---freeway.  If you want to catch the awesome sale at Old Navy---freeway.  If you want to go to a dollar movie---freeway.  Get it? It's not fun.  I missed being able to just kick it down to Main Street and have anything I needed right down the road.  But I'm back!

While I was home, I did some fun stuff.  I was REALLY bad at taking pictures of the events so I'll try my best to get everything documented....

~ I worked at the beloved flower shop
~ Had a wonderful memorial day BBQ
~ Helped my mom pack up her classroom
~ Spent time with the grandparents
~ Spent some great times with the BFF
~ My sister's 24th b-day
~ My brothers seminary graduation, high school graduation, and his ordination to become an elder

Anyway... like I said I was really bad at taking pictures.  But alas I'm glad to be back home in Logan!! :) 

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