Monday, June 13, 2011


"This is going to be the kind of job where I take aspirin---- A LOT"
-Boy Meets World

Today was my first day of work!! I'm pretty lucky to have the job that I have because A) I'm used to it and 2)I love it and C)It's great preparation for my future career.  However, after a day filled with 90 active children, I'm a little sore.  But's it's a good kind of sore.  

Speaking of aspirin...{this really has nothing to do with aspirin} I've been thinking a lot about break-ups today.  I've seen a lot of friends go through break-ups and seen the emotional toll it takes on them.  I've never actually been through a break up before.  I've had my heart broken in plenty of other ways however I've never actually been....DUMPED.  Which has led me to be thinking about love.  What is love?  
I've never actually been IN love.  There are plenty of people in my life whom I love but none that I've ever been IN love with. There have been times when I've thought I was IN love, only to find out I wasn't or he wasn't... 

When I think of being IN love this is what I feel like it means to me....
~ laughing about something only we would think is funny
~ Cuddling while watching TV shows
~ Kisses on the forehead that mean "everything is going to be ok"  
~ balancing a checkbook together
~ painting your living room
~ cuddling in a tent while it rains
~ playing baseball with nieces and nephews
~ tickling his back during sacrament meeting
~ having family prayer
~ watching fire works together
~ sitting together in the house of the Lord

Someday,  I will be IN love.  Someday, I will experience these and many more amazing things with my son of God.  Someday, I will look back and not know what life was without him.  

Meanwhile I'm waiting for my someday,  I'm going to keep living in the moment and LOVING the blessings and life I've been given.  

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