Thursday, October 31, 2013

Would it be so bad?

I could be blogging about so many other things tonight, but this is what is on the ol mind so this is what's going on the ol blog.

I've been debating about doing something for a long while now. This something could potentionally change a lot of the things in my life. But then again maybe not.

And if it did change those things....would it be so bad?

Would it be so bad if I just did it? If I just manned up for a sec and got it out of the way. Maybe things would change for the better, maybe for the worse, or maybe not at all.

Would it be so bad if it means I don't have to wonder all the time what would/will happen if I just do it? I would know and I could then spend my wonders on other things.

Would it be so bad if the outcome wasn't what I think I want it to be? If it completely changed that part of my life.

Would it be so bad?

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