Monday, December 07, 2009

Oh the end of my first real college semester!

As opposed to all the fake ones that have come to an end! Well anyways fall '09 semester is over...and so is the fall of '09 because we have a nice icy blanket of snow outside :( but at least now it feels like Christmas! I really can't even believe that the semester is over! Honestly did Novemeber ever happen?? I don't even recall that month taking place! So this week is finals most college students stay up all night and study study I...nope I sit here and type this!! man but I did study basically since church ended til I guess thats great! The end of the semester means a lot of things for me....
  • I will be all alone in my apartment....:(
  • I will be raking in the bucks at work
  • I can watch boy meets world ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!! YIPPY
  • I don't have to go to school
  • Christmas Movies
  • Christmas food..ya know like from the neighbors..luckily I am going home on the 18th so their better still be some goods left!
  • well the list goes on and on!
Time for some down time ya know...before a new semester starts on January 11th Oh gees! I hear each semester goes my faster so basically it'll be over before I know it :( :)

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