Monday, December 28, 2009


Happy birthday to myself on the 21st!!!
Now I'm 19 years old...that seems pretty weird to me. My birthday was so funnn! First I slept in...then watched some good ol TV with Shea...then I got to do one of my favorite holiday traditions and go shopping for the widow/widower baskets my ward makes. I've been doing this for like maybe 4 years and I just really love it! So after I went and did that my parents took me to Red Lobster...oh my lanta...SO GOOD!!!! ha ha We then went back and opened presents....I got a new bedspread...which I LOVE! So obvioulsy it was an AAAAMAZING day!

The Fam...minus CJ because he had to be at a basketball tournament in St George

My Birthday Pie :)
I had such a great day! :)

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