Saturday, November 19, 2011

One day I was skippin home from school.

Heeeeeey Yooooo

Logan is covered in white bliss.  Except I hate snow.  But for some reason at this very moment I'm loving it.  I'm loving a lot of things right now.  My life is good! No, No.  
My life is MARVELOUS!
I thought this was going be the worst semester of my life.  But God had different plans. And boy, oh boy I'll tell you what....I'm SO glad He's in control.

So today I'm going to snuggle up.  Get some business done.  Spend time with people I love.  And just love life.  You should do the same :)

But first.....
check out some of my favorite things from the WorldWideWeb this week.....

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

And my FAVORITE pin.....

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

hahahahahahahahaha laughed. for. nine. years.

Much love friends! :)

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