Friday, May 25, 2012

things i don't understand.

nude maternity photo shoots.

pinterest moms who make their kids food into lovable shapes to
get them to eat it. 

why coke zero tastes soooo much better than diet coke

how my room can get so messy.

why there are clothes all over my bedroom--yet i have nothing to wear.

why when i did my hair in big buns on top of my head in 2005 it was lame.
now it's in...but my hair is too short.

the point of all the construction on i-15

blended. green. meals.

why you can't call the mtc.  I just need to know the code to get the wii to work. 

why i don't have a glass of mint lemonade right now.

how in the world i suck soo bad at bowling. 
ten frames.....score=44.  don't judge

Now.  Things I wish would come into my life with the the 
                                                   wiggle of the nose, 
                                                                     snap of the finger, 
                                                                                       whatev really as long as they come.
  • instagram
  • iphone
  • mint lemonade
  • mustard cardigan--I won't back down
  • dan in real life
  • kindle fire.  really though i want one.
  • my newly blackened bumper installed
Now.  Today is friday....that just dawned on me.  
so in honor of the weekend, here are a few exciting links you may 
click on if your work day is looking as boring and 
 lame as mine on this grey skied friday the 25th of may

---->first i must interject.  I'm wearing a grey cardigan and mustard tank with grey shoes.  i look good. just so you know.

have a great day

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