Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tonight is the Night

Now. If you are a veteran reader of the blog, you understand that I am a wee bit obsessed with
So You Think You Can Dance
And tonight kids, the new season begins.  You better believe I will be watching (Dvr'd because I have to work)
but, I will watch and fall in love and paint my nails and eat popcorn.
It will be joyful. 
You should all do the same. 
Then we can fan girl.
Then we can tune in together every wednesday and thursday night.

ps. In case that mumbo jumbo wasn't enough to get you real fired up, watch this....

try not to die when the judges stand and you see Mitchell on the judging panel.  Remember how excited I was when he made his debut last season, well I hope he'll be around because he tickles my funny bone.
 Man I'm excited.

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