Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NO more whining and I mean it!

Today was an interesting day.  First of all my hair did something it has never done before-I mean it has done some pretty crazy things but today it was UN TAMABLE.  I just couldn't get it under control so my look resulted in a lions mane held back with a headband.  Ah well... : )

We headed off to the flower shop to work AGHHHH it's been pretty good ya know-getting money but I'm just glad we are done! 

On the way home we decided to stop at Sweet Tooth Fairy's to get a cup cake. I seriously love those things!! I had a DEliCiouS coconut cupcake....SOOOO GOODDDDD!! anyway when we came out of the cupcake store, Brittnay realized her nice key necklace wasn't around her neck. And I had locked the door....yup we were locked out of the car.  OOOPPPS.  So Brit called her parents and we didn't really know what to do...then this man was looked like you are locked out of your car.  We were so he said he could help us.  He bent the door back and stuck a wedge of wood between the door and the car then just stuck a hanger down in and unlocked the door.!!! AWESOME.  we were so grateful for him.  I love kind complete strangers that you will probably never see again, but who make something better.  THANK YOU SIR!!

Then we just went home, changed clothes, and watched tv.. Brit and I went for our usual bike ride...we just go around. At first it was HARRRDD.  But I'm getting used to the hills and I really like going on bike rides.  : )

Then we had some YUMMMMYYYY fish tacos that my wonderful mom made.  Finally there was a little adventure at the end of the night.  Drake got lost so we drove around the neighborhood whistling and calling for him....didn't find him...but still it was pretty exciting.

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