Monday, May 03, 2010

Sleepovers and Long Drives...

There are a few things that I just love and I really think I could not do without....

...Sleepovers... Being the poor deprived child that I was (a little dramatic) I wasn't ever allowed to have sleepovers...I take that back..I could until the rule change when I was probably like 12.  So every night in my apartment has felt like the big huge sleepover I was missing out on.  We moved all of our mattresses into the living room and have just been sleeping in there for the week.  It's nice.  We've been watching a pethera of movies and just enjoying our last week as roommates until the summer..

...Long Drives... I love just driving. I hate that I don't have my own car right now because I can't just drive as much as I would like.  Driving around just puts life into perspective for me.  It's so soothing.

So my freshman year of college is coming to an end...

How did that happen???

Don't ask me.  I feel like just yesterday I was moving into good ol' morgan hall.  I can vividly remember that day.  As I was packing up my room yesterday, I kept thinking about when I put that stuff up.  How much things have changed since then but also how much they have stayed the same. 

I litterally CAN NOT WAIT for the summer.  I'm getting ansy and ready to break out of this place.  I have some big adventures planned and I really need it to start now!!  I would do a nice reflective college is over post... but it's not quite over yet...and I'm not finished reflecting yet.  :)

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