Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Zhere's Your Vone

I feel like I've been really busy lately and but in all reality I've been doing NOTHING!!
Alright just kidding I have done a few things in the last little while...

First of all I finished my first year of college!!! (WOOT WOOT)  It feels unreal.  Like really I can't believe it...but none the less I finished and I finished pretty good too...3.7 gpa.... not too shabby

I moved home....hmmmm interesting times.  I've felt a little like a  shouldn't have...especially because I don't have a job yet and I'm bored...but it's been great for the most part.. : )

I've been spending some great time with my family.  My Nielson grandparents have been here for whole month so it's been fun to be with them.  Brianna had a Beautiful wedding!! It was so great to see the Nielson's from PA... (I literally can not wait to go there this summmer!!!!)

Yup Yup that's really all life is just moving right along as usual...

OH... I almost forgot the biggest news of my day.... (drum roll)
I GOT A CAR TODAY!!!! (biggggg WOOT WOOT!!!)
My amazing dad bought me a 2000 Honda Civic....I don't actually have it yet because the bumperr is getting fixed...but I am so excited!!!!

Life is great..... : )

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