Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Things don't just happen for no reason.  They happen to teach us something." -Boy Meets World

This is the story of my life lately it seems.  Things just keep happening....and I guess I'm supposed to learn something from these few crap storms.  Don't get me wrong my life is great.  I'm healthy, I have great friends, a great family who loves me, and many many blessings.  But lately things are just going wrong.  Time for me to figure out what I'm supposed to learn I guess. 

So like I said  before, I GOT A CAR!!! at first I didn't really like it but as I've been driving it, I've grown to really love it.  It will never be my sundance, but it is a great car.  However first day of driving it yup I got pulled over for the first time in my life! oh the irony.  I didn't stop completly at a stop sign and there just so happened to be my stalker cop right at that intersection.  Seriously this cop follows me.  He attended to not only both my accidents, but also both the accidents I witnessed! Leave me alone DANG IT!! I thought 'he'll only give me a warning...This is my new car...'  But lo and behold he didn't care and issued me a nice citation.   So I have that added to my list of upcoming expenses.  Also, had an interview on Monday...blew it...didn't get the job.   So I'm  back to square one.  I hate applying for jobs.  But, I found out today that Zupas in Provo is hiring.  I semi applied by emailing in my resume so we'll just have to see.  I've also applied at TGI Fridays, Maceys, Seagull Book, and Fresh Market.  Somethings gotta give RIGHT???? Also, I don't date...I feel a little lonely.  And the cherry ontop of my bad luck camera kicked it yet again.... DANG IT!!! the screen broke. yup don't know how but it did! So now I'm semi camera-less.  Oi!

I'm ready to learn my lessons and have things work out thank you!

Once again I feel very blessed and I'm so grateful for everything I have! Somethings just aren't going as perfect as I hoped they would... but I plow on  : )

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