Saturday, April 02, 2011


Today I am frustrated.

But first...5 awesome things that have made me happy today...
   1.....being home with the fam
   2.....Watching Cam's baseball game
   3.....Cam hitting the winning hit!!
   4.....General Conference
   5.....Eating asparagus...yummm

Now frustration. So since I deactivated my facebook (for long complicated dumb reasons), I've resorted to doing some heavy blog stalking.  I'm not proud but I'm also not in denial.  Anyway I found a blog of a girl I recognized from one of my classes last semester.  She's pretty funny and I enjoyed her blog.  But I was frustrated because she wrote that three boys had hit on her that day.  I'm not exactly frustrated that boys were hitting on her, because she's a cute girl and she totally deserves an awesome man, the frustration is coming from the fact that I can't remember the last time a boy (over the age of 7) hit on me.  Seriously! Why? It's a very frustrating ordeal.  I would love to have men hit on me.....they just don't.  Nuff said.

I'm also frustrated because I found the cutest mustard yellowy dress the other day, and it didn't fit.  Story. Of. My. Life.  However, now I am obsessed with mustard yellow (hence the new blog design) and can't get my mind off the fact that I want ok actually need a mustard yellow outfit....even just a cardigan would be lovely! If anyone knows or sees of any adorable mustard yellow clothing pah-lease let me know where!

That's all.  Enjoy this awesome spiritual weekend!! I sure am! :)

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  1. Oh Amy! I can't even tell you how hard I laughed when I read your "over the age of seven" amendment. So true. Aside from an awkward fluke incident at the science fair, that is very true for me as well. You rock, though, so don't you even worry.